Helping non-UK SMEs

Open a UK business bank account without needing to setup a UK company.

Beyond Banking


We believe that banking should be more than just transactional. Banks are in a unique position to help their business-customers find new opportunities.

Crobo's vision is to create local and international business opportunities for its customers through a trusted community built on digital banking services.

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Multi-Currency Account

Choose to maintain funds in 10+ currencies.

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Enhanced Control

Enable joint control for directors & shareholders.

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Capital Markets

Make your money grow through investments.

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Fund Transfers

Instant money transfer locally and globally.

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Cash flow Analytics

A.I. powered analytics to help manage cash flow.

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Global Account

Open a local bank account in US, UK and EU.

Crobo Community

A trusted community that helps you grow

Crobo's Trusted Community helps shape its products and features roadmap.

Our A.I. powered business matching also identifies new business relationships and opportunities for Members.